Promotion Requirements

Iowa Judo Incorporated Promotion Requirements


Belt Color Points Time
Green (yonkyu) 3 3 months
3rd Brown(sankyu) 5 6 months
2nd Brown (nikyu) 7 6 months
1st Brown (ikkyu) 12 6 months
1st Black (shodan) 20 6 months
2nd Black (nidan) 28 2 years
3rd Black (sandan) 36 3 years
4th Black (yodan) 42 4 years

Shiai Points

  • 1 point for entering a tournament
  • 0.5 point for defeating a competitor of a lower rank
  • 1 point for defeating a competitor of equal rank
  • 1.5 points for defeating a competitor of higher rank

Officiating Points

One point will be given to any official who participates fully and actively in designated judo tournaments.  The capacity of participation in the tournament will be as follows:

  • Referee or Judge
  • Master Scorer (pairing)
  • Mat Scorer
  • Mat Timer
  • Tournament Director
  • General Coordinator

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