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“My biggest regret about Cyclone Martial Arts is not joining the first day I came to Iowa State.” — Everyone


Spring Schedule Begins Jan 13, 2020

Judo Hapkido Taekwondo

Beginner: 5:00-6:00p

Advanced: 6:00-7:00p

Beginner: 7:00-8:00p

Advanced: 8:00-9:00p

Beginner: 6:00-7:00p 

Advanced: 7:00-8:00p

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How do I join?

All you need to do is show up during regular practice times. You are welcome to either watch or jump right in on your first day.

What do I wear?

New members should wear comfortable athletic clothes like workout pants and a long-sleeved t-shirt. We practice in bare feet.

Do I have to sign up right away? Can I try it before I join?

You do not have to sign up right away – please feel free to try out any/all of the martial arts for a few practices before you commit.

Which martial art should I do?

Everyone is different. Read about Judo, Hapkido, and Taekwondo to see what meets your goals. You are also very welcome to watch and/or try them out before you choose.

How much does it cost?

Membership dues are $90 per semester, or $80 per martial art if you are in more than one (Judo, TKD, HKD). A uniform costs between $30 and $40. When you are ready to test for a new rank, there is a fee, starting at $35. Tournaments may have registration fees.

How long does it take to get a black belt?

It is different for every person. Each martial art has different skills and time-in-rank requirements, in addition to participating in tournaments, demonstrations, and teaching responsibilities. On average, it is possible to achieve a black belt in about 4 years, if one attends class frequently and consistently.

I already have rank in martial arts from another school. What should I do?

Please contact Master Matthew Hamann. Generally, we do not honor rank from other clubs right away, so you should wear a white belt. Don’t let that stop you, though! You are welcome to practice with us.

I already have a rank from Cyclone Martial Arts from the past, but it’s been a long time since I’ve practiced. What should I do?

We recognize all ranks conferred by Grandmaster Pak. Please feel welcome to join us again and wear your earned rank. Do introduce yourself to Master Hamann and let him know your situation.

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