If you are interested in trying a martial art, please see How To Join. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact a club president.

Master Matthew Hamann
Position Judo Hapkido Taekwondo
President Malcolm Boyd
Courtney Dubois
Eric Spahr 
Vice President Kenneth Prell
Jason Koepke
Grant Fay
Secretary Courtney Dubois
Bill Winnett
Reese Larson
Finance/Fundraising Rj Green

Alam Ramirez
Nathan Gravel
Kaitlyn Herr
Fynn Reinbacher
Events Chairs Brett Hopper

Cody Fredericks
Stephanie Kennedy
Makaila Dockweiler
Webmasters Cody Fredericks
Tri-Club Postions
Treasurer Laura Blaser
Education Chairs Kassidy Becker 
Social Media Managers Amber Ringgenberg 

Adriane Gora 

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